Submission Guidelines


We are always interested in considering new clients, both published and unpublished. Bear in mind, however, that we take on only a very small number of new authors in any given year. 

Make your submission letter to the point and as brief as possible. We recommend including a short synopsis of your work, an author bio, and the first five pages of your manuscript (pasted into the body of your email, no attachments please). 

We are currently accepting submissions sent via email. We do not respond to queries sent by regular mail. Under no circumstances should a full-length manuscript be submitted unless requested, and we will not read unrequested email attachments. 

Please let us know if you have already self-published your work and if so, how many copies have sold to date.

Note: Due to the high volume of e-mail queries Harvey Klinger receives, he will only respond to those in which he is genuinely interested. 

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  • Do not query more than one agent at Harvey Klinger, Inc. at a time. 

  • Do not attempt to query via phone or fax. 

  • Do not send us your screenplays. While we do handle film rights for our clients, we do not accept screenplay submissions. 

We thank you for thinking of us and we look forward to reading your work.

Queries/Submissions can be sent to: 

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